Vintage Circus Movie Marathon 

The world is all a bit uncertain at the minute and whilst going out and about is not possible for many of us right now, we can escape the confines of our homes other ways… many of which we'll be chatting about here over the coming weeks.

To start with, we hope you'll join us (virtually) as we cosy up on the sofa and dive into some fantastical, magical and colourful worlds in our Vintage Circus Movie Marathon. Inspired by the theme of this summer’s collection, we’ve listed our favourite movies set in and around circuses. Naturally(!) they are all set in a time gone by and all feature spectacular vintage costumes.

All that's left for you to do is switch the kettle on, kick your feet up and decide which one you'll watch first :-)   

1. Dumbo

Tim Burton’s live-action re-imagining of the 1941 Disney cartoon evokes all the emotions of the original, whilst injecting his trademark pizazz and quirky humour.

Eva Green adds spectacular vintage glamour as enigmatic trapeze artist, Colette. Her costumes are oh-so-opulent - bejewelled and exquisitely detailed - for that alone, this movie is worth watching! She is every inch the Golden Age show girl.

So yes, whilst you’ll undoubtedly shed some tears, all ends well and this movie is a visual delight.

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2. Water For Elephants

Based on the best selling novel by Sara Gruen (you should really check that, too, if you like a good read!), here we have another circus movie with vintage setting. Cue Reese Witherspoon in the most delectable 1930s outfits...

There is jealousy, romance, a few heart-in-your-mouth moments... . Any fans of  'The Notebook' out there should definitely make a bee-line for this movie. 

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3. The Greatest Showman

Last but not least we have 'The Greatest Showman', a musical spectacular that follows the fortunes of a quirky circus troupe, formed from society's outcasts. Initially ridiculed, the show is eventually lauded as a 'celebration of humanity'. 

Teen heartthrob Zac Efron is all grown up and joins Hugh Jackman in this heartwarming musical where dreams really do come true. The film is set in the Victorian era which allows for some beautiful costuming - Michelle William's floaty dresses being a particular highlight.

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