Archive Collection

At Palava, we care passionately about what we make - each and every print is creatively illustrated by Bryony, they tell stories and bring back long-lost memories.

We also care about the impact of what we make and limit waste as much as possible. Leftover fabric is carefully stored in our warehouse in Yorkshire rather than discarded.

This autumn, some of our favourite prints and leftover fabrics have been made into limited edition skirts and culottes, and they're getting us in the mood for autumn colours and layering!

Bryony is the primary illustrator of all prints, she tells the Palava story. She uses different techniques from pencil and digital illustrations, watercolours or even collage.

We're very involved in the production process and take care to only print the fabric we need, avoiding overproduction and waste. All our fabric is made from natural fibres and is printed in Europe.

Any leftover fabric is carefully stored in our warehouse rather than discarded. And occasionally, they will come back in a limited edition style!