Agatha - Indigo Beauty Pageant

Agatha - Indigo Beauty Pageant - Palava
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Agatha - Indigo Beauty Pageant

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Featuring our gorgeous hand illustrated print - inspired by the playful idea of birds taking part in a beauty pageant, Agatha is a swing style coat with little collar and covered buttons.

Lined in red poppy print fabric and padded inside - this is a fun, stylish look for the colder months.

As part of the Hairy Scary Mammoth collection, you can follow the adventure along the border of the coat and in the special storybook that accompanies it.

Agatha is easy to care for and machine washable, although please note that it is not waterproof.

  • Hand illustrated print
  • Full length sleeves
  • Fully lined
  • Swing style
  • 100% organic cotton twill
  • Machine washable
  • Storybook included