Face Mask - Navy Tropical Birds | Tencel

Face Mask - Navy Tropical Birds | Tencel
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Face Mask - Navy Tropical Birds | Tencel

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£9.50 GBP

We will be donating £2.00 from each mask sale to the food bank charity Trussel Trust.

Our masks are made from fabrics left over from the production run of our clothing. We're using every last scrap as part of our zero waste philosophy. 

This mask is made from Tencel, and has an organic cotton lining. Please note, print placement may vary.

These masks open at the sides for a filter to be inserted. 

Each mask comes with elastic and instructions on how to tie your mask in a way that suits you best.

We are making regular batches of these, please keep an eye out on our Instagram and mailing list for new releases.



1. Make sure to pull the fabric over your nose and under your chin.
2. If mask gets wet or humid, switch to new mask and wash damp mask.
3. Wash daily.
4. When returning from the shops/outside, remove the mask and store it in a bag, before you enter your car or home to prevent bringing in germs.
5. Only put the mask on and off by touching the elastic loops, avoid touching front of mask.
6. After wearing, put the used mask straight into the washing machine to be washed with your next clothes load on 40C or ideally higher.
7. Wash your hands or use over 70% + alcohol based sanitiser before and after handling the mask.


1. Insert filter of your choice - ideally N95 /pm2.5 or any other layer you have, like folded wypall blue roll or kitchen towel.
2. When you hot wash or boil your mask after use, remove and replace the filter.
3. Ideally you should replace the filter inlay every time you go out to use the mask or if wearing it at home, every 4-6 hours.

PLEASE NOTE: These are not medical grade face masks. They are fabric masks and you can add any extra filter layer inside. Wearing a mask can protect others around you, because larger droplets from your mouth get caught by the fabric before dispersing into smaller aerosol particles and passing to others. Staying home as much as possible, wearing a mask when out in in public and washing your hands regularly are the main actions we can all do to reduce the spread of this virus.