About the Style:  Our footstools have a hardwood frame, oiled wooden legs and a soft comfortable top finished with piping. They have a felted wool and foam top, upholstered using your favourite Palava print to order. 

See below for fabric options and how to order. 

Dimensions: Height 42cm, Width 40cm, Length 54cm

Eco credentials:

  • Natural, biodegradable fibres
  • Outer made from 100% Organic Cotton
  • Oeko-Tex certified dyes
  • 100% wool interliner with natural fire-retardant properties
  • Handmade in the UK
  • Made to order, reducing waste

These are hand crafted pieces. Fabric swatches from all of the fabric choices are available (see below). We would strongly encourage you to use this service to ensure you get the right fabric first before ordering, as these are especially made to order. 

Email to request fabric swatches and if you have any questions.

Meet the maker

Hand crafted in Manchester

We have been working with Freya for some time now to develop a range of handcrafted upholstered pieces for Palava.  Based in Stockport, Manchester - Freya has been trained to work with our special Palava fabrics, learning how each type needs to be placed with the utmost care.

Not only does Freya make these footstools for us but she also makes our beautiful lampshades. We've all learned new things from this collaboration as all fabrics work differently and our prints always come with complications, like getting the direction right and the correct stretch to make sure you end up with a quality and long lasting piece.

Freya has also been doing a lot of research into making the stools as eco-friendly as possible, as with us here at Palava where it is at the heart of all we do.
We hope in the future to develop our range with Freya, offering a service where you can have your favourite pieces re-upholstered as well as our own vintage finds. 

How to order

Step 1: Order your footstool from this product page.

Step 2: Email us over your choice of Palava print from our selection (, if your choice isn't there you can always email us to see if it's possible.

Step 3 : We can send you up to 3 swatches so you can make a decision on fabric and check whether the colours work for you. Confirmation of fabric then happens by email and your order is finalised once you are happy.

Step 4 : Each stool is then handmade by Freya to order in the UK and delivered in 2-6 weeks.

Email - to request fabric swatches and if you have any questions.

Select your fabric

1. Nouveau Plum - Pink
2. Damson - Navy
3. Endangered Animals Navy
4. Pinecones - Navy
5.Apples - Red
6.Apples - Navy

7. 5 a Day
8. Geraniums
9. Robins - green
10. Mid-Century Feather - Mustard
11. Leaves - Navy
12. Zebra Leaf - Cream

13. Peas - Green
14. Apples - Red
15. Mexican Garden
16. Shop Local
17. Edible Flowers
18. Zebrina - Red