Bow Clip - Rust Sausage Dog

Bow Clip - Rust Sausage Dog - Palava
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Bow Clip - Rust Sausage Dog

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For each of our new autumn prints, choose your matching hair bow - or pick a different print for a fun, mix-and-match look.

We're just in love with sausage dogs! Aren't you? Match your hair bow with our Cynthia Sausage Dog dress.

These also make great little gifts or stocking fillers.

Our hair bows are made in partnership with our friends Woodstock, who lovingly create them by hand in their London studio.

We like to minimise waste as much as possible, so we use the scrap parts of fabric from production to make our small accessories - therefore each design may vary slightly.

  • Made from 100% tencel
  • Slider grip that's easy and comfortable to wear