Fabric Bundle - Lido/Divers/Lobsters

Fabric Bundle - Lido/Divers/Lobsters - Palava
£7.50 GBP

Fabric Bundle - Lido/Divers/Lobsters

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£7.50 GBP

For the first ever time as part of our sample sale, we are offering fabric bundles! This bundle includes an amazing selection of fabrics from our latest collection: Navy Lido, Light Blue Lido, Blue Umbrellas, Red Umbrellas, Diver Rows, Ice Creams, Lobsters and Lobster Rows!

Perfect for anyone who enjoying crafting and would like to fashion something small from one of our fabrics - be it patch working, quilting, lampshade making or even wrapping a birthday present in something a little different! 

These are available in very limited quantities - so get yours now before they're gone. 

We design our own fabrics - these are limited edition and printed from special hand illustrated designs by our chief designer Bryony. 

Due to the nature of these items, we won't be able to accept returns on them.  We also won't be accepting any discount codes so any orders placed with a discount code will not be processed. If you have any questions prior to purchase, please let us know.

  • 100% organic cotton
  • Hand illustrated print
  • Scrap fabric from production - each bundle will have a slightly different assortment but will include this selection of fabrics