Hairband - Pheasant Moon

Hairband - Pheasant Moon - Palava
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Hairband - Pheasant Moon

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Featuring our charming Pheasant Moon print that's inspired by the beautiful wildflife of the Scottish Highlands.

Choose a matching hairband to wear with your dress, or mix and match the prints for a fun colourful autumn look!

All of our prints are designed by Palava founder Bryony in our little London studio, then our harridans are handmade by our expert garment workers in our UK factory. 

We hate wasting fabric, so we use up each piece of scrap fabric from our dress productions and transform them into our accessories!

This hairband comes in a range of prints and colours. Suitable for all ages, the large size fit an adult.

  • Hand illustrated print of gorgeous Pheasant Moon
  • 100% Organic Cotton
  • Elasticated
  • Machine washable