A Day Out At The Museum

October 09, 2018
A Day Out At The Museum
October is one of our favourite times of year. There is something magical and nostalgic about the golden, autumn light, city streets covered in red leaves and horse chestnut shells - the gentle anticipation of colder months ahead. It’s also a time for style switch overs - where gloves, tights and hats slowly make their way out of wardrobes, cardigans become essential everyday wear, an our thoughts turn to the rich autumnal hues of the season - savouring the the mustards, rusts and forest greens. It's also a great chance for a fun afternoon out in the city, the best season for museum visits, walks in the park and cosy coffee catch ups with friends. 

This month we visited the Natural History Museum and beautiful Hyde Park, with friends of Palava Jennie and Natasha. It was a chance to wear some of the new autumn dresses from our Scottish Highlands collection, talk fashion, personal style and what exactly it is that we all love about this special time of year.

Tell us about your day out at the museum
“It was one of those golden and crisp autumn days that reminds you how wonderful it is to be alive. Coming out of the underground station to find the sunshine was lovely.
We had fun just hanging out mooching about. I think that the natural history museum is one of the most beautiful places in London. I was looking for a fox because of my dress and we found one - can you see it in the photo by the stairs?

"Then we went to the park. Kicking the leaves and hunting for conkers.  I love the colour and feel of the shiny conker as it jumps out of its little soft bed in its spikey case.

We found a stash of conkers in a tree hollow and wondered if a child had stored them for another day.”




What do you love about London at this time of year? Where are your favourite places and fondest memories?

“It was my birthday the following day and I often used to take my children visit the Natural History Museum or Regent’s Park Zoo as my birthday treat.  So both places are full of autumn memories for me. I like it best when you catch sight of something or smell something that reminds you of a forgotten moment or brings back a memory. I expect in another few years I will remember messing about in my squirrel dress with all the crunchy leaves!”

Tell us about your personal approach to clothing and style and how you make choices about how you dress.

“I like my clothes to be very practical and comfy.  I want to be able to climb and kick leaves and dance and sit on the ground or eat a drippy ice cream without worrying - and then just wash and wear and do it all again.

I also like clothes I can layer up (or down) so they work whatever the weather.

The linen in these dresses is perfect. Hard wearing, creases just seem to drop out and work very well with or without layers.”

Do you feel there's more pressure on women to look or dress a certain way in 2018 than the past? Do you think we have more freedom and choices today?

“Oh that’s an interesting one.  I was born in 1954. Girls had to wear white socks and pretty dresses for best and keep them clean. It wasn’t long since rationing so we valued our “best”. Though it was ok to tuck your dress in your knickers to do handstands or paddle in the sea. I don’t remember having any choice at all. I think all of that has changed for girls now.  

I used to love the jumpers that granny knitted for us. All passed down and often unravelled and re-knitted as the elbows wore through.

I think that my childhood has definitely influenced my style and clothing choices today.

I feel sad though that girls and women seem to feel under more pressure because they have choice and are worried about being judged about the choices they make.”





 What's your favourite item from the new collection and why?

“My squirrel dress. We are best friends already. The colour is just beautiful. I don’t know quite what it’s called but it inspired me to wear it with cerise and raspberry the other day.”

What were you highlights of the day?

“I enjoyed mooching around the museum with friends. It was nice to just wander, not looking at anything in particular, but I noticed things I hadn't on previous visits eg: the butterfly cabinet, the brickwork of the building which had lots of little monkeys on the arches and the sunlight in the elements room (being with a photographer helped!). It was such a sunny day that we ended up in Hyde Park and then had tea and cheesecake at the Polish club.”

What are your favourite memories of Autumn in London?

“I love the bright sunny days of Autumn, when you have to wrap up but still need sunglasses and can sit outside. I love the colours of the leaves and as I live near Ally Pally I love walking there kicking up the leaves. I was reminded on our day out of when my children were younger and they would go bonkers for conkers!”


Tell us about your personal style

“I still have an interest in the latest fashions but am not a slave to it. I am very much influenced by vintage styles, particularly of the 30s/40s and the 70s, so I usually wear something with a hint of those decades. I have lots of dresses which are always easy to wear all year round, just add tights, boots and a cardy in winter.”

Do you feel there's more pressure on women to look or dress a certain way in 2018 than the past? Do you think we have more freedom and choices today?

“I think generally women have more choices and freedom today, especially women my age. 30-40 years ago I would have been consigned to beige crimplene slacks! It may be harder for younger women with the constant bombardment of images from Instagram etc”

What's your favourite item from the new collection and why?

“My favourite item is the Rita dress, due to its 40s styling and gorgeous sleeves. I like it in Marbled Feathers as I prefer simple colours, but I also wore it in the Ruffled Feathers which is a lot more colourful, and I am tempted to get that one too!”

We hope you've enjoyed our day out at the museum as much as we did! To see our entire Scottish Highlands collection, just click here. Photo credits: Kayvan Michael Bazergan www.kayvanmichael.com


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