The fashion industry is rightfully under the microscope when it comes to the impact it has on the planet. 
Here at Palava we are constantly trying to adapt our working practices to the most ecologically sound as the technology becomes available.
We make our clothes in small batches, and carry through items into the next season if they don't sell.
The fibres we use are all natural and biodegradeable: Cotton, Linen, Wool and Tencel™.
Where possible with fastenings we are using natural alternatives, such as the Corozo Nut buttton. 
Small is good, and we hope to make our footprint smaller in the years to come. 

Photo of a patched and repaired shirt.


Learn more about the fabrics we use at Palava. Our fabrics are woven and digitally printed in Turkey using Oeko-Tex certified dyes. 


Our dresses are all made in our London factory in Barking. 


Take a look at the factory in Turkey where all of our organic cotton knitwear is made.


After the seasons dresses are made, we use up all of the offcuts possible to make tote bags and hair ties. 


We've worked very hard to make our packaging plastic free. Our dresses, trousers and tops are packaged in a compostable bag, and sent in paper mailers which are printed and supplied by a potato sack company. 

Image of a washing line with shirts on it from the 1940s


Learn how to to minimise cleaning wear on your Palava clothing. Stay colourful for longer! 


A video about the making of our Molly Cardigan, which began as a quest to make a completely British piece of Knitwear. Molly has proven very popular and we are expanding this range for AW21.