The Collections that Inspired our AW22 Range

We took a trip to the Art Worker's Guild

... to meet some of the collectors and talk about their treasured collections... With our Autumn/Winter 2022 range celebrating the weird and wonderful world of collections, we thought we would give you a little peak behind the scenes and show you where the inspiration for some of our prints came from. We talked to 3 Collectors about their most prized possessions. Read their stories below!

Museum of Dust by Sally Kindberg

Sally is an author and illustrator and has told us about her collection: a museum of dust collected all over the world. Here's her collection in her own words...

Q: Why dust?

A: My aim is to evoke specific locations, characters or events by showing tiny bottles of dust I’ve collected during my explorations, mostly fuelled by curiosity.
Can a pinch of dust conjure up a particular memory?
I’d like to encourage others to collect their special dust! 

Q: How did you build your collection?

A: I started with a miniature dustpan and brush from a dolls house. 
I’m also intrigued by the idea of our being made of stardust. Will we be stars again one day?

Sally writes short pieces about individual samples and how she collected them on her blog 
The Museum of Dust started its travels at an exhibition in Falmouth this summer, recently appeared at the Art Workers Guild and will be popping up at Swedenborg House in London, in December.

Collection of Brooches With Iranian Artist Afsoon 

Q: When did you start your collection?

A: I have been a collector since I was a teenager. When I was seventeen, I moved from Iran to the USA, where I discovered the joy of thrift shopping. I have collected various things since then, but this collection began when I settled in London in the late 1980s and started going to second-hand markets.

Q: What is special about this collection?

A: I love how each brooch tells its own story. They add a pop of colour and fun to my outfit. I also like how they represent different decades and show how our tastes have changed.

Q: Do you have any tips for anyone starting their own collection?

A: To start your own collection, just buy what you actually like and not what you think is cool or trendy. Fashion comes and goes, but collections take time and dedication. It is worth trying all sorts of places, from markets and charity shops to school jumble sales or even online. Good luck and have fun.

Read more about Afsoon's collections on her website:

Lights & Shadows by Rachel and Tom

Rachel and Tom are passionate about capturing light and shadow's ephemeral playfulness.

Follow Rachel and Tom on Instagram @dottedlinetheatre and @tomcrame.

We would also love to hear about your collections! Email us to tell us more, or why not send us photo of yourself in front of your special arrangements of precious objects!