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Christmas is just around the corner! We've set up a few gift guides and have just launched some exclusive gift sets enabling you to give sustainable gifts that don't cost you or the Earth this Christmas!

until Christmas

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Gift Ideas

The lead up to Christmas can be intense! Luckily, we've put a few bits together making it super easy to give the gift of Palava this holiday season. 

Gift Sets

And if it's a matching set you're looking for, you're in luck! Shop our new gift sets and get at least 15% off the full price.

Accessories to keep you toasty

It wouldn't be Christmas without a little chill in the air, a little glimmer of hope we might wake up to snow on Christmas morning.

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Kitchens deserve to be decorated too

We all know how much time we spend in the kitchen at Christmas. It's a labour of love, cooking for all our loved ones. Make sure everyone's appropriately equipped...

Shop Kitchenalia
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