We won't participate in Black Friday and here are the reasons why.

Black Doesn’t Suit Us

Palava is all about bright, colourful prints that are as unique as they are fun. It’s all about dressing how you feel and not how society expects you to.It’s about standing out - if you want to - and basking in that joy that comes with showing everyone your true self, without costing the earth.

It's All About Fairness. We've made the choice to pay a fair price. One that's fair for the planet, our workers and for you. Transparency is our middle name. Knowing every step of the process is important to us. Keeping our supply chain small means it's easy for us to know exactly who we're paying and what for.

We Value our Makers

Lots of work and effort goes into making a Palava dress. Each step of the process is undertaken by our talented workers - from weaving and printing in Turkey, to sewing in London - contributed to the dress’ value.

We Value our Pieces

Each ‘ingredient’ used to make a Palava dress is carefully chosen: natural fibres, OEKO-Tex certified dyes, Corozo nut buttons, plastic-free packaging. We carefully consider every element to make sure the dress is as sustainable as possible.

We value you. We keep our sustainable clothing accessible and affordable to you bu keeping our margins small. With each purchase of a Palava dress, you are helping us uphold these values and sustain our fair practices. So we can all have our cake and eat it!

Make-Do-Mend November

We’ve got a few tricks up our sleeve to counter Black-Friday-Mentality. Anyone fancy a bit of crafting?

What’s on this month:

16th - 19th: Exclusive Palava fabric will be available to buy at the Harrogate Knitting & Stitching Show; come and say hello!

23rd - 30th: Buy Archive & deadstock Palava fabrics for your projects and contribute to our Zero Waste program in our Fabric Fair.

From the 24th throughout the Winter: Crafting in the Palava Shop with our creative workshops: learn to sew a project, upholster a seat pad and learn to decorate the most beautiful table top for the holidays.

We’ll also be planting more trees for Black Friday weekend - 1 for every order! 🌱 Check out our Palava forest so far on our Ecologi website.