Meet Me In The Apple Orchard

June 01, 2018
Palava A Clothes Horse Floral Dress

Last week, we were delighted to see Palava featured on one of our favourite blogs – A Clothes Horse. Rebecca lives in the beautiful countryside of Northern Ireland – in an area of County Armagh, also known as “Apple Orchard County”. Wearing our Irene Flower Garden dress, Rebecca captured the most magical moments of late spring - with the apple blossoms in full bloom and dappled afternoon light peeking through the trees. We've never wanted to escape to the country so much!

“There are apple orchards dotting nearly every hill around us. I can walk from my house to an apple orchard in less than five minutes. In autumn this means admiring the trees full of apples and a busy season of picking at all the local farms.”

“In spring it means the fleeting blossom season where delicate pink-white blooms dot the branches and feel the air with their sweet perfume.”

“(My husband) Thomas grew up here, on an apple farm, and yet he still finds this season special, finding excuses to take the long road home from errands to drive down narrow country lanes lined with blooming cow parsley to peak into different orchards in their infinite variety.”

“Our favorites are always the orchards left a bit wild, with grass up to your knees and hundreds of dandelions dotting the ground. The trees are a bit taller, their branches more knurled, some even keep their sheep in the orchards and you can watch spring lambs leaping wildly around below the trees.”

“Always though the blossoms fade too soon, the petals knocked away by a gentle breeze or soft rain and the magical atmosphere starts to fade until the next year...”

Irene Flower Garden was the perfect look with which to explore the apple orchards. Featuring a vintage inspired floral print of pink, blue and yellow on a soft cream organic cotton - Irene offers a flattering, feminine shape for summer. Available in sizes 6-18, Irene is one of the dresses we've made in smaller sizes - and we do hope to expand our size collection further in the future. 

Irene also features, as with many of our dresses, a matching fabric belt to perfectly adjust the fit of the waist. We like to be practical as well as romantic in our designs!

To see Rebecca's original post, click through here. All images are courtesy of A Clothes Horse.



Inspired by Rebecca's beautiful floral adventure, we've put together our Summer Florals Collection, where you can browse all of our floral prints in one place. Choose from both wild flower and garden flower prints: bluebells, foxgloves, dandelions and tulips to name but a few!

To read more about the inspiration behind our floral collection, see our previous blog post Behind The Designs: Fabulous Florals, where I interviewed Bryony about her illustrations, prints and favourite natural spots in London. Enjoy!



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