The Palava Repair Workshop

Hello everyone, Emma here. I take care of marketing here at Palava and I wanted to introduce a brand new project we've been working on for the last few months! We're so excited to introduce you to The Palava Repair Workshop. It's a new service we're offering that makes it easy for you to get your favourite Palava pieces mended, should there ever be a problem.

The purpose of our Repair Workshop

We're all really passionate about sustainability here in our little London studio and so the launch of our Repair Workshop feels like a natural progression in the right direction. So many clothes go to waste on a daily basis, according to the Ellen McArthur Foundation it's approximately 1 truckload per second! And we want to do our best to make sure Palava isn't contributing to the problem.

Firstly, we try and construct high-quality, robust garments that are made to last. But what happens when something breaks? That's where our repair program comes in! 

With the help of expert menders Splendid Stitches, you can now send us your items and get them repaired. And because we believe in the quality of our garments, if you've owned the item for less than 6 months, any repair costs stemming from design faults will be covered by us.

Who are Splendid Stitches?

To make sure the repairs are of the highest quality and are efficiently delivered, we have partnered with Nanna and her team at Splendid Stitches.

Splendid Stitches is a specialist clothing repair company, which started out as a studio for vintage repairs and alterations in 2010. Splendid Stitches built a loyal customer base based on excellent craftsmanship and creative solutions to tricky repairs and extended their services into working with ethical, sustainable and independent brands post-pandemic. 

Splendid Stitches has had over 5000 different items through the workshop since their inception and Founder Nanna Sandom is passionate about reducing clothing waste and bringing back an appreciation of the art of sewing. 

To find out more about our repair partners, visit their website or take a look at their instagram @splendidstitches.

What to do to get your items repaired

We've tried hard to make it as easy as possible for you to get your Palava pieces fixed. All you need to do is fill in our repairs request form HERE or send us a picture and description of the repair needed to our specific email address and we'll do the rest!

Once your request has been submitted, we will assess what type of repair is needed. We will come back to you with a quote about your repair - this is when you are able to book in your repair and pay for it (unless you've had the garment for less than 6 months). 

You'll then receive instructions about posting your item to Splendid Stitches for it to be mended! They will make sure to keep you in the loop along the repairs process so you know when to expect your garment back. 

More to come ...

This is just the beginning! We're on a journey to becoming more comprehensive in our approach to sustainability and circularity and are very excited for the many ideas we have for the year to come. 

And of course, we're still learning! So if you have any questions or suggestions about the Repair Workshop or any other sustainability issues you are passionate about, please reach out to us !