Wedding Adventures In Italy

June 15, 2017
Wedding Adventures In Italy

With the wedding season in full swing, we often get the chance to see bridesmaids - and sometimes even brides, dressed in Palava. Bryony recently attended a friend's wedding in Pesaro, Italy and was lucky enough to witness no less than four bridesmaids in our folk art inspired Hungarian Flowers print.

One of the unique aspects of Palava is that our prints are designed for both women and girls - allowing our mini Palava folk to feel just as grown up and stylish as their adult counterparts. It's also an easy way to coordinate dress codes for special occasions. In the case of Claudia and John's Italian wedding - three grown-ups and one mini-me!

Pesaro is in the Marche region of Italy; famous for its mountainous countryside, Verdicchio wine and coastal bays lining the clear waters of the Adriatic sea. In my view, nothing symbolises central Italy as well as tranquil, sweeping olive groves - and Pesaro has plenty. The morning before the wedding was spent wandering through the greenery - taking in the gentle, luminous scents of freshly growing fruit.

Bryony's choice for the day was our Audrey Bluebells dress crafted from lightweight summer linen. Both Bluebells and Hungarian Flowers are vintage inspired floral prints; the linen and organic cotton fabrics work especially well in the high temperatures of summer.

 It was the perfect day for a wedding, without a cloud in the sky...

Here are the stars of the show! Our three grown-up bridesmaids looked beautiful in their Beatrice dresses - styled with elegant floral wreath bracelets. It doesn't get more summery than this.

There's nothing better than capturing a Palava print against a beautiful floral backdrop. Italy did not disappoint.

And last but not least...our mini wedding guest in Margaret Hungarian Flowers. Our girl's dresses are designed with style, practicality and comfort in mind. We want children who wear Palava to feel elegant and special - but it's important this doesn't get in the way of fun and adventure. From picnics in the park, dancing at family get-togethers, or simply eating with gusto - all of this is possible in Palava! Our children's dresses are very comfortable, easy to get on and off - and machine washable. They come up great with a bit of vanish if your little one gets their paws a bit mucky.

What better example to set that having a little boogie! Part of the joy of weddings is the communal celebration; big and little, younger and older - all enjoying in the festivities of the day. It was a proud moment for team Palava.

If you're looking for a summer wedding outfit, our Chelsea Flower Show Collection has many good choices to pick from; inspired by summer flowers, natural scenery and adventures abroad. Filled with plenty of floral, border and all-over prints, the dresses are a modern take on the summer styles of the 1950s. It was a joy to see this special Palava wedding in Italy...we can't wait for the next one!


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