Woodstock London - 26  Oct  2020

Patchwork Bauble and Pumpkin

We have one of our Palava followers to thank for the idea behind this festive tutorial. @maiandbingcrafts found the perfect way to upcycle their Palava scraps into these gorgeous baubles. They showcase Bryony’s prints so beautifully, thank you for allowing us to share your magic! You can also make these into pretty pumpkins for Halloween with a little tweak shown below. 


• Selection of scraps, minimum 2 designs per bauble
• Polystyrene balls in various sizes. ( I used      6cm, 7cm and 8cm )
• Natural twine or ribbon
• Floristry wire
• Scalpel
• Wire cutters
• Stick for the Pumpkin option

1. Mark the sections on the bauble with a pen, I did 6 sections for the baubles and 8 for the pumpkins. Cut the lines with a craft knife, not too shallow. 

2. Measure one of your wedge sections top to bottom and side to side and make up a pattern piece on paper that measures approx 7mm more
all the way around. Cut out your fabric sections from your scraps.  

3. Next, line up your fabric over the section, and using the back of your knife, push the excess into the cut segment lines on the ball. I push a little bit on each side to anchor it in place before pressing fully.

4. Repeat all the way around. 

5. To make a hanging loop for your bauble, take your floristry wire and bend a small loop and snip it so it’s approx 3cm long on each side. Push this into the top of the ball and thread your twine through and tie in a knot for hanging.

6. There you have it, a really pretty bauble and possibly a new addiction! They make a really thoughtful little gift and look great hung on a little branch or from a shelf, so you don’t need to wait for your tree to start decorating!

7. You can turn your baubles into pumpkins by dividing them into 8 sections instead of 6. Then just add a snipped twig to the top with super glue. I pressed mine down into the polystyrene a little for a better effect. Such a sweet idea for a seasonal table decoration or for brightening up a windowsill or mantelpiece.