By Cerys, age eight - 29  Nov  2020

Penny the Palava Penguin

This weeks tutorial is brought to you by lovely Cerys, age eight, who has cleverly made her Palava scraps into Penny, the perfect little Penguin wheat bag. Follow along to make your own, or add a tweak to make your animal of choice! What a great gift idea too! 


• 3 different coloured / patterned fabrics – for body, wings and belly (you could use the same or different materials for front and back)
• Felt – for beak, eyes, pupils • Pins
• Thread (matching for the base and contrasting for the body parts)
• Penny the Palava Penguin template - printed out
• Sewing Machine or needle & thread • Fabric scissors
• Lavender – about 10g (optional but smells yummy!)
• Wheat grain – about 400g
• Clean, flat surface

1. Cut out the paper template and pin to the fabric (folded in half or 2 layers).  Cut out the body.

2. Cut out the wing piece and pin on 2 layers of fabric – mismatched wings can look super cool! Cut out the wing pieces

3. Lay on the body. Cut out the belly pattern in paper and fabric in the same way and lay on the body.

4. Cut out the eyes from felt – this can be tricky! Cut out the pupils – this can be the trickiest part!!

5. Cut out the beak – orange is a great colour. Pin on all the pieces to the front of the main body.

6. Sew all the pieces on – you can use a machine or stitch by hand. 

7. Once the pieces are all ready, place both body piece face to face and pin. Stitch them together - leaving an opening at the bottom for filling.

7. Turn the right way out! Make a simple paper cone and pour your wheat / lavender in.

7. Pin the opening together and stitch by hand with a thread that matches.

Meet Penny the Palava Penguin!!