Here at Palava we believe that in a world where fashion is produced faster and faster, it is vital for brands like us to invest in the future of our planet. This philosophy is central to all of our decisions and the team at Palava work hard to ensure every element of our supply chain are founded upon ethical principles.

Here is a list of our Key values we work hard to maintain and never stop trying to be better at.



  • Enjoyment - Bringing a sense of fun, story-telling and adventure into the lives of our customers! We hope our unique prints will bring a little bit of magic to those who wear our garments. We love to develop our relationship with existing customers as well as attracting new ones. We encourage feedback so our customers benefit from the highest quality, and most wearable designs. 


  • Quality products that stand the test of time. Children grow fast, so we create designs that allow maximum time from a piece of growing – increasing their lifespan. Fabrics that a durable and wash well so each piece still looks good even after being washed and warn many times.


  • Sourcing responsibly so our impact is as small as possible on the environment. Continue using organic cotton so that the Earth’s bees are happy and free to buzz and pollinate without worry of nasty pesticides and we know everyone is paid a fair fairly. 


  • No waste responsibility – we aim for a no waste policy and try to make sure we use all left over fabrics for accessories or smaller items.


  • Good practice during all aspects of our business – ensuring people who work for us are treated fairly. We do not use child labour and believe all working adults are entitled to basic rights.


  • European manufacturing so that we can visit our factories regularly to ensure that everyone working for us is happy and healthy. As of 2017, we are expanding production in the UK.


  • Social responsibility – we work with small artisan producers and like to develop long lasting relationships with them. We seek to give something back each season with one fabric from each collection raising money towards a beneficial charity.