Each one of our prints begins its journey in our London design studio.  The creator of Palava, Bryony hand draws each element of the print. Constantly inspired by anything and everything around her, Bryony decides on a theme for each season and then the story evolves from there.
As a London brand, many of Bryony's ideas come from the city she now calls home - our London collection features landmarks such as Big Ben and St. Paul's Cathedral we also have prints inspired by Kew Gardens and the famous Chelsea Flower Show. But as a Yorkshire girl at heart, Bryony often seeks inspiration outside of the city. Other Palava collections pay homage to the seaside, the wilds of Cornwall and the magical orchards, fields and harvests of the British countryside - to name but a few!



Our storybooks are just as important as our dresses! There are two main characters in the Palava storybooks, a little Girl called Poppy and her faithful companion, Fred the dog. Each season they go on different adventures and meet many other characters along the way – including Mr. Giraffe and Mr. Rabbit. 

The hand drawn illustrations you see in the storybooks are often the first design ideas and rough sketches that Bryony starts with for the collection.  We love the idea that the storybook you receive shows the illustration from the start – with the dress or skirt as the finished piece.

Our most unique designs are our special Palava border prints. These follow the adventure of Poppy and Fred along the border of your dress! Often complicated to print, because of the intricacy of the illustration, we now use digital printing more often than screen printing. This allows better quality prints and a greater range of designs for our customers.

 However, we still like to keep a hand painted element to our collections, so we still produce a gorgeous range of linen dresses with screen printed motifs.

 Since the early days of the company we have increased the number of all-over prints, inspired by vintage novelty designs of the 1940s and 1950s. This was due to customer feedback asking for more!


We minimise waste from our dresses as much as possible, working hard with our factories to ensure the most environmentally friendly and ethical approach to our designs and production. Many of our accessories and smaller items, such as children’s toys and purse bags, are produced from left over fabrics.

Our ethos is to produce dresses that withstand the test of time and can be passed down from generation to generation. We are proud to produce high quality fabrics that will have a positive impact on the world around us – right through from production, through to putting a smile on our customer’s face!