We're so proud to introduce the first iteration of our Palava Swap Shop!

Palava pieces are made with love and are designed with high quality materials so they can be loved for years to come. But what happens when your favourite colour changes? Or your dress doesn’t quite fit the same?

That’s where our new Swap Shop comes in! The idea is to allow you to swap your Palava dresses that need a little more love for someone else’s pre-loved Palava pieces. And if nothing takes your fancy, you’ll get a £50 voucher for any dress you swap in, or £25 for any organic cotton knitwear you swap in!

You can also shop our Swap Shop if you haven’t swapped anything in (try saying that 3 times faster!). For now, we're keeping it exclusively in our little King’s Cross shop. Just pop down to 98 Caledonian Road, N1 9DN, London between the 8th and the 10th June and browse our pre-loved rack.

Please read these Terms & Conditions carefully:

1. Please make sure the item is still in good condition, that it is clean and does not have any obvious faults. The item needs to be wearable for it to be eligible for a swap.

2. We will not accept items that need repairing in our Swap Shop. If your item is faulty or needs repairing, please contact Nanna from our Repair Workshop at repairs@palava.co.

3. All our items are pre-loved. Some might be unique archive fabrics we no longer produce and wil likelyl have have signs of wear. Please remember, you are buying seconds and they may not be perfect. We've priced the items to reflect this.

4. Please note that promotional discounts cannot be combined with Swap Shop items. Any Palava gift vouchers can be used.

Happy shopping! x