Fabric Bundle - Mustard Stripe

Every production run there are small amounts of fabric left over, sometimes due to faults on the print, sometimes just because the cutter has to cut around odd shapes. Most commonly, these will go straight into landfill but, at Palava, we save all our scraps.

To reduce our impact and reach our zero-waste goal, year after year, we save everything ! The bits we can't or don't have time to make into anything, we make into little fabric bundles, perfect for crafting and making. Choose your next sewing project; from purses and quilting to bunting and Christmas stockings... the possibilities are endless.

This bundle is made up of Mustard stripe with the occasional flower. 

We design all of our prints in-house - each design is limited edition and you won't find them for sale anywhere else.

Sizes vary, please note that each bundle is different and the print placements do vary.

Due to the nature of these items, we won't be able to accept returns on them.

This bundle includes: 

  • Hemp/organic cotton blend 
These pieces of fabric will be the central print with no border. 

Example size: 

Smallest piece of fabric: length approx. 63 x width approx. 14.5cm
Largest piece of fabric: length approx. 50cm  x width approx. 20.5cm

All the proceeds from the sale of the fabric bundles goes to the charity WasteAid, if you would like to learn more you can follow to their website. 

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