Small Repair
Small Repair



Please book this Small Repair service if you have been advised to do so following your repair assessment by our partners at Splendid Stitches.

To submit an item for a repair, please fill in the form here or send an email to with all the relevant information and images necessary for us to help you fix your Palava pieces.

Meet Splendid Stitches

Repair Specialists based in London

Splendid Stitches is a specialist clothing repair company, which started out as a studio for vintage repairs and alterations in 2010. Splendid Stitches built a loyal customer base based on excellent craftsmanship and creative solutions to tricky repairs and extended their services into working with ethical, sustainable and independent brands post-pandemic.

Splendid Stitches has had over 5000 different items through the workshop since our inception and Founder Nanna Sandom is passionate about reducing clothing waste and bringing back an appreciation of the art of sewing.

You’ll likely see more of Nanna on our channels as the partnership flourishes.