Sustainable Dresses for Weddings - The Best of Palava for a Summer Celebration

May 02, 2024
Sustainable Dresses for Weddings - The Best of Palava for a Summer Celebration

Who's Ready to Party?

With the weather warming up and wedding season fast approaching, it’s got us thinking about the dresses we’ll be wearing to these joyful celebrations of love! Palava’s attended many weddings in the past: as a wedding dress, a guest dress or even as bridesmaids and flower girl dresses!

But what to wear this summer? Well, as colour and joy are the primary policies here at Palava, you can’t go wrong picking one of our dresses. They are made from natural fibres so are comfortable and breathable, they have discreet pockets to keep your camera (or tissues) in, and - best of all - they’re only made in limited quantities so it’s highly unlikely that anyone else will be wearing the same dress. 

We’ve selected a few of our favourites to inspire you, so if you need outfit ideas, keep reading! 

Floral Dresses

The classic print for a summer wedding is a colourful floral or green and leafy pattern on a lovely and elegant dress. And there's no shortage of them at Palava with our hand-illustrated prints such as Riverside, Foxgloves, Sweetpea, Wild Flowers and more.

Colourful Dresses that Tell a Story

 At Palava, we’re well known for our unique prints that are illustrated by hand in our little creative studio in London. Our prints are often inspired by old stories or adventures our founder Bryony used to have as a child. They’re nostalgic, comforting and they’ll put a smile on your face.

Abstract Print Dresses

A big feature in our new collection are the geometric prints such as our Box Stripe and Sails prints. These pieces were designed with mixing and matching in mind, all made with the same key colours so they can be paired together. We wanted these pieces to do the heavy lifting in your wardrobe by giving you an opportunity to style them with almost any other piece in the collection.

Animal Print Dresses

And last but not least: our animal prints! For the lobster enthusiasts, the marine life fans and tropical animal lovers, this is where you find the dress of your dreams. Our animal prints are favourites and often make a reappearance after a few years, maybe with a little tweak here or there, or an update in the colourway. 

Dance All Night

All our dresses are ethically made by Satnam and his team in our London factory. We produce in small quantities and ensure none of our fabric scaps go to waste. We'll soon be making some accessories out of them, so keep your eyes peeled!

Speaking of fabrics, ours are all made from natural fibres (learn more about them in this blog post). We use organic cotton, linen, TencelTM Lyocell and cotton-linen blends to create our marvelous pieces. This means they are all breathable and comfortable so you can go on dancing all night long without overheating! It might come in handy if you’re attending a wedding overseas too where the weather might be a little warmer than it is here in the UK… And best of all, all our dresses are machine washable at 30ºC so you can have it fresh and ready to rewear in no time!

All you need to do is take your pick!



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