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The first of our spring/summer pieces are here and we could not be more excited! 

Gavin and Bryony have been working hard on our new workwear, a range of practical basics in bright primary colours. The range is designed to perfectly complement our new summer prints, extending the wearability of your Palava wardrobe through mixing & matching. 

We're just finishing the production of our summer collection, but seeing your excitement we've set up an limited pre-order drop until everything is ready next month. Keep reading to discover our new workwear and the new pieces available to pre-order.

Woman wears a red twin piece - jacket and trousers - with a red and white stripy top.


We love the boxy fit of this jacket. And with its cropped length, it's perfect for pairing with our dresses or high waisted trousers like Wilma or Edith. Its shape is so versatile, with its buttons up to the collar and on the cuffs you can wear it many ways - even Gavin's been testing it out!

You even get a sneak peek at some of our favourite prints from the new collection in the yolk!

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Made from 100% Organic Cotton our workwear is super soft and comfortable. The fabric is woven and dyed in Turkey by Guray and his team - using OEKO-Tex certified dyes only! It is then transported by road to our factory just outside of London to be sewn into our brand new pieces.

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