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This season join Team Palava as we take to the high seas, dressed for adventure. Our new spring/summer prints take us on trips by the water - from peaceful, trickling streams to the wild, deep waters of the ocean.

Introducing a brand new workwear collection alongside our new prints, we've designed this collection for mixing and matching. The array of practical, colour-block pieces to be paired with our geometrical prints or nautical illustrations extends the wearability of your Palava wardrobe. 


We're proud to introduce our new workwear: a range of practical basics in bright primary colours. The range is designed to perfectly complement our new summer prints, extending the wearability of your Palava wardrobe through mixing & matching.

With this new range, we introduce a couple of new styles such as the Walter Jacket and the Tina Top. These are hardworking pieces that you will keep reaching for in your wardrobe, time and time again. And you can pair them and layer them with anything in the collection! We can't wait to see how you style them!

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With striking prints and a bold colour palette heavily inspired by nautical adventures, Part Two takes us out into the wild waters. All of our pieces are designed as strong separates that can be mixed and matched into adventurous outfits ready to take on the stormy seas.

Join us as we battle the waves and the wind as we navigate our way through the treacherous seas.



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Join us as we travel inland along peaceful streams brimming with wildlife. Take a moment and reflect upon nature. Spot the kingfishers and the dragonflies as they hover and dart along the lush banks.

With myriad fauna and flora, the riverbanks. These ecosystems come to life in Part Three, a classic Palava collection. Bullrushes, reeds, birds and wild swimmers bobbing in the ponds all feature in our signature border prints.

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