Palava studio





 We choose our raw fabrics carefully, The organic cotton we use is grown and produced in Turkey to our own specification. For the last three years we have been producing all our fabrics from 100% GOTS certified cotton (Global Organic Textile Standard). It is not only better for the environment, but also ensures workers are paid a fair price and working conditions meet the correct standards. 


Something about linen and using Tencil for the up and coming season


Our fabric is often complicated to print, in some cases, because of the story border along the bottom, and the intricacy of the prints. We now digitally print more often than screen printing. This process is a lot less wasteful (although not as exciting for Bryony as screen printing!). However, it does mean that we can give you more choice of prints each season.

We develop all our own patterns in house and we are constantly looking at improving the shapes and fit to best suit our customers. We rely on your feedback to shapes and styles and we listen to what you like, so don't be afraid to voice your opinions both positive and constructive - we would love to hear them.   



We started Palava in the belief that we could make everything here in the UK. However, for many different reasons we have struggled to do so exclusively. We currently use dressmakers in the UK, as well as in Turkey, Romania, and Lithuania. As of 2017, we will be returning to our original plan - producing the majority of our new collections in the UK. We are excited to be making and producing a British product, here in old blighty!


All of our factories are subjected to comprehensive, regular audits to ensure that they have excellent working environments, with high standards of workers’ rights - including pay, safety and overtime.





Each dress is carefully checked for quality and loose threads before being packaged and sent to our warehouse ready to go out to our customers. Occasionally something may slip through the net, if you do receive an item that isn't up to our high standard then do let us know and we will resolve it as quickly as possible for you!

As soon as the finished Palava dresses arrive at our warehouse, the Palava team personally check over all of them to make sure that the quality is up to standard. Then they your item is lovingly packaged with its storybook, ready to arrive on your doorstep!